Since I was a teenager I have always loved anything creative, I used to love going to my art, design and graphic comm classes at school. I knew from a very early age I wanted to be in the creative industry, it wasn’t until I went to a university exhibition at Edinburgh School of Art when I had my first memorable experience of Graphic Design and it fired my imagination. I started noticing design everywhere; signs, posters, CD covers, adverts…since that day I had no doubt what I wanted to persue. 


I worked hard at school to get the grades I needed to study Graphic Design in my further education. I then spent 4 years studying Graphic Design between North East Scotland College and Glasgow Caledonian University.

When I left University it was a really tough time to break into the design industry due to the recession. It was hard to get work, I spent weeks searching through the yellow pages and calling around design agencies, hand delivering my CV to companies, scrolling through newspaper's job ads and joining recruitment agencies in the hope of getting my foot in the door. For a while I thought that it was never going to happen for me but I never gave up. After some time and taking on volunteer design jobs I finally got given a chance to show my portfolio to the design team at Lynnet Leisure and since then I have been employed in the design industry and have grown, developed and applied myself in every position I have been employed in.


In November 2018, after 8 years of employment through various industries and cities throughout the UK, I decided to take the big step into the world of freelance but just before I got started I felt like it was the perfect time to take a wee creative break. My boyfriend and I set off and travelled around Asia and Europe for 6 months.

When I amn't designing I enjoy calligraphy, hillwalking and going on adventures with my little family.